Frequently Asked Questions

Placing Orders 
Orders may be placed by phone, E-mail or online. We recommend that you do not include your credit card number in your E-mail. Do include your phone number and we will call you for your credit card number after receiving your order.

There is no minimum order for shipping. You will pay for shipping through USPS and your order will be on the way. In order to provide you with the fastest service possible, all orders to be shipped must be prepaid by credit card before they are sent.

Return Policy

Returnable items must be returned in their original packaging, unused, and unopened, by bringing them by the store, or mailing prepaid postage to us. Your credit card will be refunded once product is received in good condition. Returns are allowed within 10 days of purchase date (15 days for shipped items). 

Non-returnable Items –

  • Any Edible Product of any kind for health and safety reasons.

  • Pans of any kind (especially character pans). Check your sizes before you buy. Make sure your oven is big enough for large pans.

  • Cake Stands of any kind may not be returned. Make sure the stand is what you need and want before ordering of leaving the store.

  • Cake Toppers of any kind may not be returned.


Class Policies & Cancellation

Register as soon as possible as classes must be planned for, instructor(s) booked and guaranteed their hours, materials ordered and classroom set up. Due to this, we have new policies on reservations and cancellations. Registration may be made in person, made with your PayPal account, made over the phone or by mailing in the registration form available through this and other registration form links.

Our policy is that class fees are due with registration. If you want to register over the phone or for several classes we will accept your credit card number for your class fees and charge each at that time. Only payment at the time of registration guarantees you a place in the class. If you reserve a class space, and someone else pays for a spot, you may be bumped off of the reserved space and put on the wait list for the class. It is better to pay and guarantee a space in the classes.

If you fail to show for a class or cancel without a 15 day notice, your credit card number will be charged for the class fee and there are no refunds. We have to do that as we order supplies and book our instructor when you register for a class. No full refund will be given after the 15th before the class start date. From 15 to 11 days before the class, you will be able to apply the dollar amount paid for the class to any future class, or receive a store credit for the amount (no change will be given back from amount paid that is put on your store credit – it is a one time opportunity to spend the class fee).

We accept cash, PAYPAL, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. It is best to register by phone or via our website so you can be assured of a space. We can not be responsible for late registrations sent in the mail. You may register by mail, but do so with ample time for the mail to arrive and it is not a bad idea to call in to let us know it is mailed so we can tentatively reserve you a spot.

Registration and fees must be received no later than 10 days prior to class date. When PayPal is used to register for a class, class space is not guaranteed when you pay for the class with 10 or less days before the of the class start date; when you do so, you must call in and make sure the class was not full at the time when you used your PayPal account.

Once we pass the date 10 days from the class start date, no refund of any kind will be given. Without a 10 day notice class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. To drop out of a class and receive a FULL refund, notice must be given no later than 15 days prior to class date. The only exception is if your class has been cancelled. If a class does not have the required minimum amount of students registered and fees paid by 10 days prior to date of the class, the class will be cancelled. Class fees will be refunded in full. If the class description states that supplies are needed, a list of the supplies will be mailed or faxed to you. Some items on the list may be household items you likely will already have and some items will need to be purchased. Most items that need to be purchased are available at our store.

Please Note: We make every effort possible to get you the necessary class supply list(s) for each class. Sometimes your name may slip by us and we may miss getting it to you. It is your responsibility to secure the class supply list and be prepared for each class. We can get you the supply lists the following ways; mail, email, you may pick them up at the store, and in some cases they may be faxed to you. Keep track of your classes and make sure you have the necessary class supply list(s). Therefore, if you have not received your supply list within 4 days of class date, please call our store at 303-761-1522.

Classes for Young Students

This class season, Cake Crafts is offering classes for young students. These classes are for serious young students only. Students who are disruptive, not prepared for classes will be ask to leave without refund of class fees.

Family members (including babies and children) and friends are not allowed in the classroom during classes. As a courtesy and with respect for the instructor and fellow students, cell phones are not allowed in class. Please give out the phone number of the store (303-761-1522) as a contact number in case of an emergency.

  1. You agree to the above policies

  2. You agree to park on the streets around cake crafts during open hours of the business and not in primary customer parking areas

  3. You agree to come on time and be prepared

  4. You agree not to use your cell phone in the class at any time, not to use cameras, video equipment, recording equipment, and will not transmit any material from the classroom

  5. You agree not to borrow or take supplies from the instructors or other students without their permission and if you are permitted to do so, you will return them at the end of use, before the end of class

  6. You agree to keep from being a disruption in the class by talking during instructor training

  7. You agree not to promote your business to students or customers of cake crafts; and not to present places to purchase material at discount rates while in the classroom (ie; share where to buy class supplies online or anywhere else that will be in conflict with the retail business of cake crafts).

Failure to follow any of these agreements will result in immediate rejection from the class without refund of any kind.