Frequently Asked Questions

Placing Orders 
Orders may be placed by phone, E-mail or online. We recommend that you do not include your credit card number in your E-mail. Do include your phone number and we will call you for your credit card number after receiving your order.

There is no minimum order for shipping. You will pay for shipping through USPS and your order will be on the way. In order to provide you with the fastest service possible, all orders to be shipped must be prepaid by credit card before they are sent.

Return Policy

Returnable items must be returned in their original packaging, unused, and unopened, by bringing them by the store, or mailing prepaid postage to us. Your credit card will be refunded once product is received in good condition. Returns are allowed within 10 days of purchase date (15 days for shipped items). 

Non-returnable Items –

  • Any Edible Product of any kind for health and safety reasons.

  • Pans of any kind (especially character pans). Check your sizes before you buy. Make sure your oven is big enough for large pans.

  • Cake Stands of any kind may not be returned. Make sure the stand is what you need and want before ordering of leaving the store.

  • Cake Toppers of any kind may not be returned.